Timeline – Student Network

Student meeting June 2017

The meeting was divided into 3 main parts; conference theme workshop, student network workshop and election for student board.

First workshop for conference theme was about knowledge sharing between the member institutions and also providing results about “students as game changers”, which was a subtopic for this year’s conference. These results was used for the student presentation at the conference, performed by Dzenita Hasic and Rosa Väisänen, and this presentation was received by the audience with great success.

Second workshop was to put focus on the student board and what we should use it for the next year. This focus was also to introduce new NORDTEK students to the network and hopefully motivate them to take part in the network and also step up for a seat at the student board. The conclusion from this workshop is used as a working document for the new student board.

BALTECH became a full member of NORDTEK during this year’s rectors meeting, and at the student meeting it was accepted to have a BALTECH (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) representative at the student board. The needed change in the bylaws will be drafted and posted on the Facebook group for approval after the meeting.

At the student meeting a country representative was elected for every member countries including the BALTECH (1 representative).

A total of 18 students, from 12 different member institutions, attended the student meeting at Aalto University 2017.

Pre-meeting April 2017

In the Easter break the pre-meeting was hosted by Indra Pētersone and Marta Megne from Riga Technical University, RTU.

A total of 6 students attended the pre-meeting, where Per Breum, Dzenita Hasic and Rosa Väisänen were representing the NORDTEK student board . Peter Göranson and 2 external visitors from ESN Latvia was present during the meeting.

You can find the minutes from the meeting under documents

Student meeting June 2016:

The student meeting was hosted by Per Breum and Dzenita Hasic, students at SDU and President and Vice-President of the student union for the technical students.

This year the student meeting was extended with 1 day. The experience from Iceland in 2015 showed the need for more time for the student meeting.

The NORDTEK Face was discussed and the proposal was rejected (at the student meeting) and a new idea was founded at the meeting and presented to the contact persons meeting, where all the students attended. The new idea, which was to use social media (primarily Facebook) to create more awareness about the network was well accepted and plans were set in motion to implement this.

In advance of the students meeting Kim Allgot, student at NTNU, sent his suggesting’s for the improvement of the bylaws – and these suggesting helped form the current bylaws. The bylaws were approved by the student participants.

The new bylaws stated the network consisted of a board and a chairman/student president. 2 persons decided to run for the position, and Per Breum, SDU, was elected. At the meeting 2 board members was found, Dzenita Hasic, SDU Denmark, and Rosa Väisänen, Aalto University Finland. Students from Norway, Sweden and Iceland would afterwards help find the remaining boardmembers among their network in their respective countries.

A total of 20 students attended the student meeting in Odense 2016.

Pre-meeting April 2016:

The pre-meeting was set in Espoo Finland at Aalto University and hosted by Rosa Väisänen, student and boardmember of the student union AYY. Denmark, Iceland and Finland was represented at the pre-meeting.

Jesper Birch Carlsen, SDU, did not attend this meeting, but he had prepared 3 new proposals for the NORDTEK Face, which was discussed at the pre-meeting and afterwards a modified proposal was made by Per Breum, SDU, based on Jesper’s proposals.

Dannie Lehmann, Student President, presented a draft for the new bylaws to be presented at the student meeting. It was decided to send out the bylaws in advance of the student meeting to get feedback before the meeting.

A total of 5 students attended the pre-meeting. Peter Göranson was present for half a day.

Student meeting June 2015:

The student meeting was hosted by Atli Helgason and Særún Rafnsdóttir from the University of Iceland, where they were students and part of the student union for technical students.

The bylaws were rejected by the majority of the students at the meeting. It was not possible to come to common ground due to a short student meeting.

The NORDTEK Face was not developed any further and it was decided to work more on this proposal.

Though no bylaws were approved, the students decided to choose a Student President anyway, so that the student network would be more active towards the next year’s conference. 3 students decided to go for the position, and Dannie Lehmann from Aalborg University, Denmark, was elected.

A total of 22 students attended the student meeting in Reykjavik 2015.

Pre-meeting April 2015:

First pre-meeting in the student network where Norway, Denmark and Iceland students attended. The meeting took place at University of Southern Denmark, SDU, and the hosts was Jesper Birch Carlsen, Lasse Nielsen and Per Breum and Line Amtorp Poulsen, all from the student union SIF (Council for engineering students at the Technical Faculty of Engineering at SDU).

Besides the host participants, former student Rasmus Lunde from Aalborg University also attended the meeting. Rasmus brought a proposal for bylaws for the student network to be discussed. The proposal for the NORDTEK Face was discussed and along with the proposal for the bylaws it was decided to bring this to the student meeting. Peter Göranson, Secretary General for NORDTEK, attended for a half day at the pre-meeting.

In total 7 students attended the pre-meeting.