Learning and sharing – Delveoping sustainable architecture courses

By | August 1, 2022

Exchange of experience in organizing carbon-free architecture workshops

Antra Viļuma, researcher and lecturer at Riga Technical University, has completed a teacher exchange visit to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)  funded by Nordtek. The aim of this mobility was to explore experience and to cooperate in creating study materials for a new study course “Carbon-free architecture” at RTU.

The visit included sharing of expertise and knowledge in sustainable and carbon-free architecture education as well as the development of new theoretical course materials and practical workshop organization experience. There was the possibility to visit the NTNU Wood center, which is a crossdisciplinary center that advances projects, studies, and initiatives at NTNU with wood and forests as their primary resource base.

In addition, during the mobility visit there was a meeting with representatives of the New European Bauhaus of NTNU; a meeting with study program representatives; participation in the opening of the design studio exhibition, and the presentation of master’s theses.

During the visit, Antra Viļuma prepared new material for the lectures in Carbon free architecture course. The experience exchange and the development of study content were done together with the lecturer assistant professor at the Department of Architectural Design, History and Technology Pasi Aalto. There was the possibility to visit the workshops and see how practical exercises help to increase the problem-solving and team-working ability of students.

The meeting with the researchers from NTNU  gave insight into current research topics and projects. Several sustainable architecture topics are similar in both universities, several research ideas were discussed and mutual interest has been expressed to evolve these ideas further and work on joint research publications. There are made basic steps for further research and teaching collaboration between universities.


The time of the mobility: 30.05.2022. – 07.06.2022.