Monthly Archives: October 2022

Teacher exchange to Kaunas University of Technology

VISIT to  Kaunas University of Technology  (KTU)  By: Riga Technical university, Senior researcher, Caiko Jelena I used the grant NORDTEK Travel Grants for Training for period for the exchange:  18 days (21.09.2022-08.10.2022). The aim of this training mobility was sharing of expertise and knowledge as well as achievements in the Cybersecurity engineering and Adaptronics programs to improve quality of… Read More »

Association of Nordic Engineers has present a new “Competences for a Sustainable Future”

The report is a unique overview of specific technical and soft skills in demand for STEM professionals in the sectors such as Power-to-X, wind power, batteries, hydrogen, biomass, geothermal energy, and carbon capture storage and utilisation. The report also identifies critical trends for climate technology development, including the electrification of society, systems thinking, data utilisation, soft skills, and attracting young talents… Read More »