Exchange to The University Centre in Svalbard , UNIS ?

NORDTEK  partner universities  can send students for exchange to  The University Centre in Svalbard , UNIS . A unique experience. UNIS is offering courses on BA, MA and PhD level in English.  Within the areas of Arctic Biology, Arctic Geology, Arctic Geophysics, Arctic Safety and Arctic Technology.  Students can travel to UNIS  through   Erasmus+ exchange if their university has an agreement with a… Read More »

Teaching visit to Aalto University

With the support of Nordtek teachers’ mobility scholarship Skirmante Mozuriunaite from VILNIUS TECH university visited  Aalto university during autumn 2022. At Aalto University, Skirmante Mozuriunaite was involved in USP, Urban Changes Studio 1, where students are prepared as professionals, that are capable of understanding and addressing complex urban development challenges. Skirmante Mozuriunaite gave lectures on topics of ”Urban… Read More »

Teacher exchange to Kaunas University of Technology

VISIT to  Kaunas University of Technology  (KTU)  By: Riga Technical university, Senior researcher, Caiko Jelena I used the grant NORDTEK Travel Grants for Training for period for the exchange:  18 days (21.09.2022-08.10.2022). The aim of this training mobility was sharing of expertise and knowledge as well as achievements in the Cybersecurity engineering and Adaptronics programs to improve quality of… Read More »

Association of Nordic Engineers has present a new “Competences for a Sustainable Future”

The report is a unique overview of specific technical and soft skills in demand for STEM professionals in the sectors such as Power-to-X, wind power, batteries, hydrogen, biomass, geothermal energy, and carbon capture storage and utilisation. The report also identifies critical trends for climate technology development, including the electrification of society, systems thinking, data utilisation, soft skills, and attracting young talents… Read More »

Co-operation with the neighbours – teacher exchange in Luleå

Eetu-Pekka Heikkinen  from University of Oulu  spent at semester at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) during Spring 2022. The exchange stay was supported by Nordplus teacher mobility scholarship. At the university, Eetu-Pekka Heikkinen was involved and was teaching the course of Högtemperaturprocesser (High temperature processes) in which he had a chance to meet local students and to visit SSAB… Read More »

Learning and sharing – Delveoping sustainable architecture courses

Exchange of experience in organizing carbon-free architecture workshops Antra Viļuma, researcher and lecturer at Riga Technical University, has completed a teacher exchange visit to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)  funded by Nordtek. The aim of this mobility was to explore experience and to cooperate in creating study materials for a new study course “Carbon-free architecture”… Read More »

An exchange semester to remember at a NORDTEK university – why not?

© Teemu Leinonen. Exchange semester at a NORDTEK university enhances your capabilities and career outlook within engineering. State-of-the-art research combined with high quality teaching and advanced learning methods strongly support your career ambitions. Check the course offer of the 28 member universities and choose the most optimal one for you. It’s easy to find complementary courses to enhance… Read More »

NORDTEK has signed the Erasmus+ agreement for 2022-2025

All NORDTEK  members have signed a multilateral Erasmus+ agreement for 2022-2025. Erasmus+ is the larges programme for cooperation in the field of Education in Europe. The program is funded by European Union and has its own scholarships programme attached to it. The Erasmus+ agreement makes it possible for students, PhD’s  and staff to study at a NORDTEK university… Read More »

50th NORDTEK Conference 2022 in Reykjavik – Now open for registration

The presidents of NORDTEK and University of Iceland invites you to the 50th NORDTEK conference  “Engineering in a Hyper-Connected World” Engineering is increasingly influenced by information technology and integrated systems. This is evident in e.g. Structure Health Monitoring, Performance Optimization, Hazard Monitoring, Home Control Systems, Supply Chain Management, and Engineering Service and Education. How should the Engineering education… Read More »