“The Nordic-Baltic region has a long common history dating at least back to the era of the Hanseatic League.
Technological improvements have played a large role in all our countries.

NORDTEK participate in a joint statement from the Nordic Civil Society Network to the Nordic Governments about Russian invasion in Ukraine.

“The mission of the NORDTEK network is to strengthen the engineering sciences in the Nordic and Baltic region and to contribute to solve concrete needs for society by collaboration within engineering education, research, entrepreneurship, and innovation”


Øystein Lund Bø
President of NORDTEK
Dean – Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Stavanger, Norway

NORDTEK is a network of the Rectors and Deans of the Technical Universities in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Membership requires that you have to have a background in advanced engineering up to the Master’s level and PhD in a technical research field. The members represent 30 universities, more than 180,000 students, teachers and researchers.



The NORDTEK Board of Directors has launched three strategic focus areas to increase the collaboration and exchange of experiences between the members.

The focus on three different areas will give structure to the work, enable the network to define goals for its activities, to be more well defined in its communication and point out in what directions to look in order to attract external funding. The three focus areas are:
• Engineering education – content and pedagogy
• Entrepreneurship and Innovation
• Mobility

Engineering education – content and pedagogy
In a time when technology and society are evolving with an increasing pace, engineers educated today need to be prepared for the technology, society and challenges of tomorrow. This rapid development not only has to be mirrored in what we teach, but also in how and when we teach.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation
To remain competitive in an era of globalization the Nordic Baltic region needs to be in the forefront of transferring innovations to market. Transferring innovations is also a key factor when addressing the grand challenges such as building a sustainable society. In this context, our engineers have an important role to play and entrepreneurship needs to be an essential part of the engineering education.


Together the NORDTEK universities provide word class research and education in many fields. Providing our students access to the NORDTEK network gives them the opportunity to study or teach specialized topics in an excellent environment whereas the universities gets highly motivated students and an influx of ideas from external teachers. In addition, mobility of students (including PhDs), teachers and staff will increase our cultural understanding and bring the Nordic Baltic countries closer together.


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