Scholarships for Teacher Mobility

Every year, NORDTEK awards a number of Nordplus mobility scholarships to teachers. The scholarships are intended to encourage teachers to exchange experience, cooperate and collaborate with their colleagues at the NORDTEK universities. The minimum duration of the teacher mobility is 8 teaching/working hours.

The exchange can include teaching, tutoring and development of teaching materials. Research activities and PhD students are not eligible for Nordplus scholarship.


It is also possible to fund teacher mobility through the Erasmus+ programme. For conditions and details please contact the contact person at your home university. Erasmus+ scholarships are granted from the teacher’s home university.

Application for Nordplus scholarship

Teachers can apply for Nordplus scholarship for visiting one of the NORDTEK universities. The application must include a short description of the purpose of the visit, as well as period of stay. You should receive the Invitation Letter from host institution to confirm that you are welcome to participate in teacher exchange.

For conditions and details please contact the contact person at your home university. Nordplus scholarships are granted centrally from NORDTEK.


Mobility task force consisting of NORDTEK’s Secretary General, the Mobility Programme Coordinator and the national coordinators make the decision on the allocation of scholarships.


Scholarship consists of travel and accommodation support. Scholarship rates are stated in the Nordplus guidelines. Scholarship are paid out after the exchange has taken place.


After the mobility, participant must send a short activity report to the NORDTEK Mobility Programme Coordinator (Riina Potter, The report will be published on the NORDTEK website.