Engineering Education

VISION of the NORDTEK Engineering Education (NEE) group
NEE shall become a point of reference, which delivers facts on STEM education (with focus on engineering education) that contributes to the development for education that foster sustainable societal development in the Nordic region.

The aims of the NEE are to become/create:

  • a platform for knowhow sharing in STEM education;
  • a network where experiences can be shared and where it is possible to learn from each other;
  • a node for supporting partner universities and external stakeholders by providing information about Nordic STEM education.

NEE Strategies
Management of the collaboration activities
Sharing know how experience and best practice in STEM education, through:

Mapping activities
Shall gain knowledge about the situation at different universities in different countries that will become a base for development in the region, including following topics:

  • Engineering and Sustainable Development;
  • Engineering Education at lower-level schools within NORDTEK;
  • Intake, retention, and dropout rates of the engineering students;
  • Teacher support within NORDTEK;
  • Outreach and attractiveness of education within NORDTEK;
  • New teaching techniques for Engineering Education;
  • University and other unit collaboration within engineering programs;
  • Study program content for the engineering sciences.

NETWORK activities
Shall improve educational support for lecturers within the NORDTEK universities. The focus is placed on:

  • Events aimed at educational support meant for teaching personnel, PhD students, and faculty members;
  • Events for experience sharing;
  • Ideas for faculty training organization;
  • Frameworks for narrow-field lecturers.

RESEARCH activities
Shall facilitate scientific dialogue in the field of Engineering Education. Activities cover:

  • Research projects, i. e. Future engineering education 2030, Life-long learning and other;
  • Expansion of the research focus in the field of Engineering Education;
  • Establishment of the research school in Engineering Education.

MOBILITY activities
Shall promote collaboration within NORDTEK. Our objectives are:

  • Collaboration promotion by introducing a short-term course for MA and PhD students;
  • Double-degree study programs within NORDTEK;
  • Internationalisation of the MA and PhD oriented courses;
  • Student collaboration on joint research in terms of common topics for all members of NORDTEK.

Contact information
Gediminas Blevičius, VilniusTech, Chair

Lena Gumaelius, KTH

Jens Bennedsen, Aarhus University

Esa Räsänen, Tampere University

Fjodor Sergejev, TalTech

Magne Olav Sydnes, University of Stavanger

Maria Clavert, Aalto University