NORDTEK Conference: Engineering Education Symposium

June 13, 2024 09:00-18:30

NORDTEK Engineering Education symposium will be organised on 13th of June.


Erkki Kaila
University Lecturer
Faculty of Technology
University of Turku

Venue: A202 Helikon, Arken
9.00-12.00Working group meetings (by invitation only): <br><br> • <b>Integrating global sustainability goals in higher education:</b> <br> This NORDTEK working group aims to share and discuss the good practices in the integration of SDGs in engineering education. The findings would help us to develop a joint understanding of the relevance of SDGs in the education of future engineers, and to facilitate and accelerate the integration of SDGs in the curricula of engineering degree programmes in Nordic and Baltic universities. (Leader: Elina Kähkönen <a href=""></a> <br><br> • <b>AI in Engineering Education:</b><br> Artificial intelligence provides rapid changes in engineering education. While it creates both possibilities and threats, reacting to the changes early is important. In this group, we will discuss the opportunities of using AI in engineering education, at least in the following topics:<br> • Generating, modifying, and evaluating study materials<br> • Evaluating student performance<br> • Assessing and grading answers<br> • Instructing and assisting students<br> Moreover, we discuss the chances AI creates in courses' workflow and the best ways to integrate it into the current teaching and learning processes. (Leader Erkki Kaila <a href=""></a> <br><br> If you would like to join one of the working groups, please write to the leader and ask if it is possible.
12.00-13.00<b>Lunch</b> (for the working groups' members only)
13.00-14.30<b>AI in Engineering Education: General discussion and sharing of good practices.</b> Open to all - but you need to register!
14.30-15.00<b>Coffee.</b> Open to all - but you need to register!
15.15-16.00<b>Integrating global sustainability goals in higher education: General discussion and sharing of good practices.</b> Open to all - but you need to register!
16.00-17.00<b>Students' perspectives on how to use AI in education and how to integrate global sustainability goals in engineering education.</b> Open to all - but you need to register!
18.30<b>Dinner</b> (To Be Confirmed)

VISION of the NORDTEK Engineering Education (NEE) group

NEE shall become a point of reference, which delivers facts on STEM education (with focus on engineering education) that contributes to the development for education that foster sustainable societal development in the Nordic region.

The aims of the NEE are to become / create:

  • a platform for knowhow sharing in STEM education;
  • a network where experiences can be shared and where it is possible to learn from each other;
  • a node for supporting partner universities and external stakeholders by providing information about Nordic STEM education.

The programme details will be updated soon.



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