The student network for NORDTEK is represented by a student board, where the student president is up for election every year at the conference where the student meeting is also held.

The main goal for the student network is to bring knowledge sharing to a higher level between the students among the Nordic countries. The student board is responsible to help maintain a strong link between the member universities in-between the annually conference and student meeting. The student board is also responsible for maintaining a NORDTEK Facebook page, where information about NORDTEK activities is posted (NORDTEK Venture Cup, NORDTEK exchanges, student meeting, pre-meeting).

At the student meeting there are students from all member institutions and they are the voice for their students. Each country is represented at the student board, and they are not elected, but appointed by the students at the student meeting or the student president.

Every year in advance of the conference and student meeting, it’s a tradition that a pre-meeting will take place in the country of the next year’s host. The participants at this pre-meeting will be the last, current and next year’s hosts, and the goal is to secure a smooth transition of the hosting, and help to improve the student meeting with the obtained know-how from being a host previously.

The mission with the student meeting is that all the students has gained more knowledge about a specific topic, usually related to the conference topic, that they can bring back to their institution and help improve their own everyday student life at campus, as well as the other students at campus.