By | December 6, 2023






We are happy to announce that Tea Vellamo from Tampere University, Finland has taken the role of Mobility Focus Area Leader effective November 16, 2023.

She has worked in administrative roles in technical education since 2011 with varied tasks related to education collaboration on university and programme levels and in national and international education networks. Currently, she works in the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at Tampere University and coordinates the Research Council of Finland-funded Flagship for Photonics Research and Innovation. Her responsibilities also include managing the joint international Erasmus Mundus Master’s programme in photonics.

She holds the degree of Doctor of Administrative Sciences. Specialising in higher education administration, her main research interest lies on technical education and technical universities, internationalisation, funding and governance of higher education. Furthermore, she has served as a national expert for the Finnish Board of Education’s Erasmus+ Global Mobilities and as an EU expert for Erasmus Mundus.

She is excited to start working in the Nordtek Mobility Focus group and committed to prioritizing the enhancement of teacher and student mobilities, with a specific emphasis on doctoral student mobility as one of the initial focal points.