Bylaws for NORDTEK Student Network

Pdf-version avaiable here: Bylaws for NORDTEK students

§1. Name, founded and purpose

The name of the organization is NORDTEK students
The organization is founded by the student councils of universities that are members of NORDTEK
The purpose of the organization is to present the students’ voice within the NORDTEK and knowledge sharing

§2. Membership
The members of the organization is the student representatives of the members of NORDTEK
Ordinary members are student representatives from one of the Nordic countries, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark from institutions that are members of NORDTEK.
Observers are student representatives outside the NORDTEK’s members

§3. The student board

The student board consists of one chairman and five ordinary members from the different countries listed under §2.2.
The chairman is responsible for holding board meetings
The chairman acts as the link between the student board, the host of next student conference, the board and Secretary General of NORDTEK.
The election period of the chairman is from conference to conference.
After ended election period, the previous chairman will work as a vice chairman for the remaining year.
Ordinary board members
Each board member are representatives form their country and are the link between the countries councils and the student board
The election period for ordinary board members is from conference to conference.
Board meetings
The board meetings are open for all members according to §2.
Decisions are made through simple majority
4/6 board members have to be present for the board to be eligible for vote
If the number of votes are equal, the chairman has the deciding vote
There shall be at least four board meetings during each election period
A maximum of two board meetings are to be held in person during each election period.

§4. Pre-meeting
The purpose of the pre-meeting is to exchange experience between the previous, current and the host of the next student meeting.

§5. Student meeting at the NORDTEK conference
The student meeting is organized in connection with the NORDTEK conference.

§6. Voting and election
The election of the student board and chairman happens at the student meeting, prior to the NORDTEK conference.
At the election only ordinary members described by §2.2 can vote, each NORDTEK member has one vote.

§7. Changes to the bylaws
The bylaws can be changed by a 2/3 majority at the student meeting.
Changes to the bylaws take effect after the conference.
Extra supplement
Student meeting at the conference

  • The student board presents a report of the activities during the last year
  • The student board can suggest subjects for the agenda at the student meeting
  • The host of next conference can request a meeting if it finds it relevant. The request goes to chairman, and is to be discussed by the board for final decision
  • The host hand over script of hosting to the further host at the end of the student meeting

Per Breum, NORDTEK Student President 2016-2017
The Technical Faculty of Engineering, Southern University of Denmark