Travel scholarships for students

Are you interested in studying at a NORDTEK partner university for a semester or two? If the answer is YES, please get in touch with the contact person at your university to get more information about the application process. You can apply for a scholarship to study at these universities.  List of contact persons can be found here.

Erasmus +
Students can receive an Erasmus+ scholarship for studying at one of the  NORDTEK universities.
For conditions and details please contact the NORDTEK contact persons at your home university.  Erasmus + scholarships are granted from the student’s home university.

Nordplus Scholarships
Application procedures  for Nordplus semester scholarships below:

Application for Nordplus Scholarships
Applications with a study plan for full time studies must be submitted to the contact person at your home university by the application deadline of your home university.

Conditions for long term moblity 

  • The scholarship is only for exchange studies and not for students who have been admitted as degree students to the host university.
  • To follow courses at bachelor’s level the student must have completed at least two years of studies within engineering (i.e. 120 ECTS) by the beginning of his/her exchange term. To follow courses at master’s level, the student must have completed what compares to three years of university studies within a relevant engineering programme (i.e. 180 ECTS) by the beginning of his/her exchange term.
  • Scholarships are granted for one or two semesters.
  • During the exchange period, the scholarship recipient must be a resident in the same country as the host university. An essential element of the exchange is to get to know the host country’s culture.
  • The applicant cannot receive a scholarship to attend a university in the applicant’s own home country (i.e. country of nationality or normal country of residence) – it must be a foreign university.
  • Completed courses must be included in the student’s diploma.
  • If the exchange period is prematurely terminated, the grants must be repaid for the corresponding period.
  • The scholarship is subject to the minimum requirements for acceptable academic performance.
  • A student who has not participated in instruction and has not achieved any results at the host university will be required to pay back the entire scholarship.


A steering committee consisting of NORDTEK’s Secretary General, the Mobility Program coordinator and the national coordinators makes the decisions on the allocation of scholarships.


When you arrive at the host university, get in touch with the NORDTEK contact person there. Please bring with you the “Confirmation of student’s arrival form.

The contact person needs to sign the form. The grant will be paid to your account after you have sent the scholarship certificate (signed by you) and the student’s arrival certificate (signed by the local NORDTEK contact person) to the NORDTEK Mobility coordinator.

Prolonging the exchange period

If you plan to stay at the host university for one more semester, you may apply for another semester. You must send the application to the contact person at your home university.
Good luck with your NORDTEK studies!