Organization – Student Network

The Student Meeting is where the new Student President is elected each year. The Student President can be from all of the member organization in the NORDTEK collaboration.

The student board consists of Student President, Vice – president and 6 board members, one from each country of NORDTEK.

Student President
Alan Achmatukaev
University of Stavanger, Faculty of Science and Technology

Board Members:
Gerlin Gil
Tallinn University of Technology

Iisakki Tapaila
University of Oulu, Faculty of Technology

Egil Schultz
Uppsala University, Faculty of Science and Technology

Cecilie Bjørnsdotter Raustein
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Teis Aalbæk-Nielsen
University of Southern Denmark, Technical Faculty of Engineering

Salvar Andri
University of Iceland, School of Natural Sciences and Engineering