Express mobility (under 1 month)


Students can be awarded grants for shorter exchanges- express mobility grants.

Length of stay: The minimum duration of express mobility is one week (5 working days), maximum 29/30 days ( under 1 month)

Objectives: To broaden the possibilities for students to stay abroad also for shorter periods.
(summer schools, intensive programs, summer courses etc.)

Condition of scholarship: Express mobility grants are awarded according to the same guidelines, criteria’s and rules as regular student mobility grants
Travel scholarships for students – NORDTEK.

  • The studies abroad should be recognised as a part of the degree at the student’s home institution.
  • ECTS should be used
  • Generally, Nordplus students should not pay any fees to the host institution ( Pariticipations at summer schools with no fees for NORDTEK students will be prioritised for scholarships.)
  • The student should live at his/ her place of study, communicating between place of study and ordinary place of residence is not permitted.
  • Confirmation of grant award should be signed before the exchange

Nordplus express scholarship amount: Scholarships rates as stated in the Nordplus guidelines

Application procedures:
The contact person is responsible for submitting the scholarship application/nominations to the NORDTEK mobility program coordinator within the set deadlines:

April 30th  ( Together with nominations for the main call)
October 31st

If NORDTEK has funding left , late nominations  for express mobility can be accepted, based on  “First come first served basis”.

  1. The contact person is responsible for prioritising its outgoing students in terms of scholarships and that the nominated students meet the eligibility criteria. The contact person makes sure that the scholarship applications are sent to the mobility program coordinator before the deadline and that the applications are prioritised.
  2. The NORDTEK mobility program coordinator collects the nominations, which is sent to the steering committee well in time before the steering committee meeting.
  3. The steering committee meeting will decide, based on Nordplus guidelines and funding available.
  4. When the grants from Nordplus are decided, the mobility program coordinator sends an updated to the NORDTEK institutional contact person and the student.
  5. The students need to sign a confirmation grant and a confirmation of student arrival at the host institution before the scholarship is granted. These forms must be sent to the NORDTEK mobility coordinator.

Manual for NORDTEK contact persons – NORDTEK